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Export SMS Contacts From Tatango – Now Available

We have a new feature at Tatango that we’re excited to share, you can now export your SMS subscribers directly from within your account into a nice little .CSV file.

Export SMS Contacts

Not only can you export the mobile phone numbers of your SMS subscribers, each export includes all of the following information about each SMS subscriber.

  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Wireless Carrier
  • Date Subscribed
  • Date Unsubscribed
  • Subscriber Status
  • Opt-in Keyword
  • Text Messages Received

It’s pretty common for SMS marketing platforms to not allow their customers to export SMS subscribers, which is meant to act as a deterrent for customers interested in switching SMS marketing platforms. At Tatango we think that’s just not cool, and that everyone should be able to export their data for a couple reasons.

1. You own the data, therefore you should be able to do whatever you want with that data, even if that means exporting it and taking it to another SMS marketing platform.

2. You should be able to run your own reports, the way you want them, and with the data you want in them. Now with the ability to export all your SMS subscriber data, you can easily create any report you want within Excel.

Need help exporting you SMS subscribers? Drop us a line and we’d love to help you.


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