Email vs. Text: What Do Customers Prefer?

Email marketing vs. text message marketing, one of the most debated mobile marketing topics. Nowadays though, a brand can’t just communicate with their customers through one channel, which makes the whole email vs. text message debate irrelevant in my opinion.

So how does a brand determine which marketing channels to communicate with their customers on? It’s actually pretty simple. Check out the chart below, which was created by MessageSystems, from a survey which they and Google administered to 500 consumers in the United States.

Email Marketing vs Text Marketing - Statistics

As you’ll see in the chart, customers want to be be communicated to via email marketing, text message marketing, snail mail, social media, and even in-app push messages. My advice if you’re trying to figure out which marketing channels to focus on, start at the top with the most preferred channels, then work your way down to the other marketing channels as your marketing budget permits.

What you never want to do is work your way up through the different types of marketing channels. It makes no sense to build an app, then start sending in-app push messages if only 3.38% of your customers want you to contact them through that channel.

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Survey conducted by Google Consumer Surveys during September 11-14, 2014. The full results of their survey can be found here.

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