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Downloading Apps Via Text Message?

After hearing about the launch of Tatango SMS Autoresponders, we received a call from Seattle based mobile app. Haven’t heard about Pirq yet? It’s an awesome app that allows iPhone and Android users to discover hyper-local, quality offers from select dining establishments. For more examples of apps using text messaging to increase the amount of downloads for their apps, click here.

Pirq and SMS

While the Pirq app is extremely easy to use, downloading Pirq, or any mobile app for that matter from the app store isn’t exactly the easiest process. Combine that experience with enough apps to distract even the least distractible, means fewer downloads for you.

So Pirq came up with the idea that instead of forcing potential app downloaders to search through hundreds of thousands of apps, why not direct them right to the app itself. No distractions, no confusion, just downloads.

How’d they do it? With text messaging of course. By using the new SMS Autoresponder feature, they’re now able to send users directly to their app page, when they text PIRQ to 68398 on their mobile phones. When they text PIRQ to 68398, the user immediately receives a text message response with a link directly to the app download page. You can see this in action below.

Download mobile phone app via text messaging

Interested in learning more about Pirq, watch the video below from Seattle’s FOX Q13. Interesting fact, the CEO of Pirq, James Sun was the runner up on the hit TV show The Apprentice. Click here to watch his highlight reel from the show.

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