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Does Owning a Smartphone Make You a Bad Parent?


The Wall Street Journal came out with an article with new data collected showing non-fatal injuries to children under five have risen 12% (CDC) which researchers and health experts are blaming Smartphones for. 

David Schwebel, a professor of psychology at the University of Alabama who specializes in injury prevention says young children “have a natural risk to hurt themselves if they are not properly watched by an adult. If the adult is distracted, clearly the risk is increased. We know that drivers and pedestrians are distracted and more at risk when they use devices. It’s a fairly small leap to suggest that supervisors are distracted.”

Maybe a prime example of this can be seen with Shellie Ross, who was tweeting on her smartphone when  her 2 year old son fell into their swimming pool. Her twitter account showed that she tweeted 5 times in the 5 minutes that it took for her son to drown.

Are smartphones distracting parents from watching their kids? Let us know what you think in a comment below.


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