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Customer Loyalty Programs Gaining Traction – New Statistics

Did you know that since 2008, investors have invested more than $222 million into the next generation of loyalty programs for businesses? That’s a pretty crazy statistic, and shows how much interest there is in the customer loyalty industry, at least from an investment standpoint.

So what about interest from businesses in customer loyalty programs? According to a new report from BIA/Kelsey, already 34% of businesses have a customer loyalty program, leaving 21.3% without one, but likely to get one, and 43.3% without one, and not likely to get one in the near future. You can see these statistics in the nifty little chart they created below.

Loyalty Program Statistics

Is your business part of the 21.3% of respondents in this survey that don’t have a customer loyalty program, but are likely to get one in the near future? If so, contact the loyalty program experts at Tatango and figure out how to drive not only new sales, but repeat sales from some of your most loyal customers with SMS marketing.


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