Chipotle SMS Marketing Fails Again

Chipotle, has anyone ever told you that only 40% of the U.S. has a smartphone? If so, why the heck do you keep sending out SMS marketing campaigns that aren’t accesible to the 60% of your customers that don’t have smartphones?

Not counting the horrible SMS opt-in process, you’ve directed customers in the past via SMS to a mobile video, and now to a mobile website for information on your Halloween Boorito promotion and costume contest. See below.

Chipotle SMS Marketing Campaign

The problem, only 40% of Americans have a smartphone (I feel like I need to keep repeating this to you guys), which means 60% aren’t even able to get the information that you are trying to get across.

The solution? Give enough information in the SMS message to get the critical information across to non-smartphone customers, then link out to a mobile website for more detailed information for smartphone customers. See below for how that would look.

Chipotle SMS Marketing

Chipotle, maybe it’s time you took me up on my offer… (Tweet)

Chipotle Tweet for SMS Marketing Campaign

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