Chipotle SMS Marketing Campaign Missing Exclusivity

Chipotle has experienced some setbacks this year trying to get their SMS marketing campaign off the ground. The first setback occurred after launching a confusing SMS game, then sending their first SMS message linking to a ridiculous video, then following up that message with an SMS promotion only accesible to smartphone users (40% of the market).

Today I received another SMS marketing message from Chipotle, and while it at least offered me some value and was viewable on any mobile phone, they’re still missing the point of SMS marketing in my opinion. Below is the SMS marketing message I received.

SMS Marketing Message from Chipotle

Why do I think Chipotle is still missing the point when it comes to SMS marketing? One word, exclusivity! With a quick Google search, I found the exact same deal everywhere on the web (see below). While I agree that it’s a good practice to push promotions out to customers on all different platforms, SMS marketing is different.

SMS marketing I believe is one of the most intimiate channels a brand can use to reach a customer, and brands need to reward those customers for that permission. With Chipotle’s last SMS message, Chipotle has essentially told their SMS subscribers that they deserve no more special treatment than someone searching Google for “Chipotle Coupons”. This is the wrong message to convey to your most loyal customers that have given a brand their mobile phone number.

Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments section below.

Hey Chipotle, take 3 minutes and 53 seconds and watch this video on how to write the perfect SMS marketing campaign. It will be the best 3 minutes, 53 seconds you spend this Friday.

Chipotle SMS Marketing Campaign


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