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Boston’s Transfers Customers to New SMS Short Code

While it’s very rare to need to transfer customers to a new SMS short code, it sometimes happens. That being said, recently Boston’s needed to transfer customers from the SMS short code 30364, to the SMS short code 73757. Below is the text message they sent to customers alerting them that Boston’s text messages would be coming from the SMS short code 73757 in the future.

Boston's Pizza Transferring SMS Short Code

As you can see in the text message above, Boston’s used the MMA’s best practices to help them craft the message alerting customers to the new SMS short code.  MMA best practices state that a brand should alert all SMS subscribers of the pending transfer via the current SMS short code. This message must include instructions on how to opt-out of the text messaging program. It’s interesting to note however that Boston’s didn’t use any strategies to decrease customer churn when migrating their customers from one short code to another. If you’re a brand looking to transfer short codes, we highly recommend you read this article on decreasing subscriber churn when migrating short codes, as losing hard earned subscribers sucks.

Looking for instructions on how to transfer customers to a new short code? Check out this video we did here at Tatango which covers not only how to transfer customers to a new short code, but also how to do it correctly so that you minimize the amount of customer churn during this transition. You can also download the guide to transferring SMS short code if you prefer to read.

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