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Boston’s Shows Off Menu to SMS Subscribers

Boston's Pizza Logo

Boston’s is a restaurant and sports bar with a handful of locations across the United States, serving everything from burgers to pizza. Plus, if you need to catch the latest game, there are big screens to accommodate such needs.

While big screens are cool, for businesses, there’s one kind of screen even cooler: that of a smartphone. Towards the end of Summer, Boston’s reached out to SMS subscribers through SMS short code 73757 letting them know their Summer menu was on its last legs:

Boston's Summer Menu SMS Message

In the text message, which said, “Our Summer Menu is ending soon! Don’t miss out on these favorites starting at under $10,” they linked to the mobile-optimized menu on the web:

Boston's Menu on The Web

Sharing links in your SMS campaigns are highly recommended, long as the site you are linking to is in fact optimized for mobile. As with any message, make sure to double check before publishing it to the masses.

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