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Avoid This Mistake When Sending Your First Post-Midterm Message

Avoid This Mistake When Sending Your First Post-Midterm Message

The midterm elections are over. The votes are in. Gone are the days when we’d learn the results in the next day’s newspaper. Candidates and constituents are more connected than ever, and you should be ready to send your first post-midterm message as soon as the dust has settled because the work is far from over.

Keep reading to learn one mistake you can avoid when sending your first post-midterm election message and some of the messages you should send instead.

Why SMS Text Message Marketing Can Benefit Your Campaign

SMS helps campaigns communicate quickly and directly, so the focus can remain on time-sensitive issues and fundraising.

SMS text message marketing can reach thousands (or even millions) of people simultaneously. SMS marketing will help make your midterm campaign more effective and raise more money in less time. It’s an ideal channel for sharing promotions and information quickly. 

Text messaging boasts a 99% open rate. Additionally, it’s the preferred and fastest way to reach 78% of consumers. In fact, 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received. In comparison, email has an average open rate of just 22% and an even lower average click-through rate of 2.91%

Unlike social media, where everyone sees the same post, SMS and MMS messages foster more personal connections between your campaign and constituents. Segmentation allows your campaign to personalize a message for each recipient on your list or target messages for specific groups of subscribers such as volunteers, donors, and supporters.

Avoid This Mistake in Your Post-Midterm Election Messages

It’s too easy to get caught up in the commotion of the post-midterm rush. But there’s one mistake you can avoid, whether your campaign has won or lost: forgetting to say “thank you.” 

Not only should you thank your supporters, but here’s something else you can say in your post-midterm messages.

If Your Candidate Won

If your candidate won the election, use this time to congratulate and honor your supporters. A thank-you message will go a long way. Take this opportunity to keep your audience engaged by sending a poll they can interact with directly from your text message. For example, ask what they’re most excited about for their candidate’s first quarter in office.

If Your Candidate Lost

Unfortunately, where there’s a win, there’s usually a loss. If your midterm run was unsuccessful, there’s still a lot of value in honoring your supporters, their time, and their continued support with a thank-you message.

A loss shouldn’t signal the end of your campaign. Tell your supporters about any plans you may have to pursue a different position or cause and how they can stay involved.

Whether your campaign won or lost, there’s always another opportunity to connect with your audience. 

Add Tatango to Your 2022 Campaign

SMS and MMS text message marketing should be among your most frequently used communication and fundraising tools. If you’re ready to elevate your campaign, beat the competition, and catapult your career in politics, contact our text message marketing experts today.

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