SMS Marketing Examples

Arby’s SMS Marketing Increases Customer Loyalty

Who doesn’t love a good roast beef sandwich? Well if you do, you’re in luck because Arby’s now has created their own text messaging campaign to increase customer loyalty. The best part, you get a free small Dr. Pepper with the purchase of any sandwich when you opt-in, which is a great way for any text messaging campaign to grow their SMS subscriber database fast.

To sign up for Arby’s text message campaign, simply go to their website and find the “Special Offers” section, or click here. You can see below that when you sign up for special offers with your email address, you’ll have the chance to sign up to receive mobile offers as well.

Arby's Text Messaging Campaign

After entering your information into the website, you’ll receive a double opt-in SMS confirmation message, asking you to reply with “OK” to confirm you would like to receive their mobile offers. After replying “OK” you’ll get your opt-in confirmation message, and the special offer of a free small Dr. Pepper with the purchase of any sandwich.

QSR Text Messaging Campaign Example

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