Text Message Marketing Case Studies

Bulmers Increases Sales By 73% With MMS Marketing

After a long day of walking around, especially in the hot summer, a hard cider sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Using an SMS geofence, Bulmers Irish Cider was able to increase pub sales of their bottled cider by 50 percent in the UK.

Bulmers created an SMS geofence within a half-mile radius of more than 1,000 pubs in the UK that served their cider. The text message campaign was targeted at males between the ages of 18 and 34. Once potential customers were within that radius, they were sent an SMS message pointing them in the direction of their next cider. 

Bulmers Cider text message marketing case study

Over the four week period, 77,000 text messages were sent out, with 50 percent of the recipients clicking on the link in the text message. 53 percent of recipients surveyed after the campaign remembered receiving the SMS message from Bulmers. More importantly, 25 percent of recipients purchased a cider from the suggested pub, and 53 percent purchased a Bulmers from another pub recommended by the clicking on the link in the text message. Combined, that’s almost a 75 percent conversion rate.

While Bulmers’ SMS campaign was a success, there are certain guidelines you need to keep in mind when sending text message marketing messages promoting alcohol to consumers here in America. Check out this video to learn more about these guidelines.


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