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70% Prefer Service-Based Messages Sent to Mobile Phone

Transactional Text Message Statistics

Our good friends at Vibes just released an interesting report titled Transactional Messaging Consumer Report 2016, which surveyed 1,001 smartphone users about their feelings towards businesses sending transactional text messages to their customers.What is a transactional text message? Below are some common transactional text messages that are sent to consumers.

  • Order confirmation text messages
  • Shipping alert text messages
  • Delivery notification text messages
  • Product update text messages
  • Time-triggered reminder text messages
  • Claim processing text messages
  • Serviceperson en-route text messages
  • Real-time ticket alert text messages
  • Account balance text messages

When consumers were surveyed about what device they’d like to receive transactional type messages on, consumers said overwhelmingly that they would prefer to receive these messages on their mobile phone. Below is the survey data on what type of device consumers prefer most.

  • Mobile Phone – 70%
  • Laptop – 12%
  • Desktop – 9%
  • No Preference – 6%
  • Tablet – 2%

As you can see from the above data, the overwhelming majority of consumers prefer to receive transactional messages sent to their mobile phones, which is good news for text messaging of course, as nothing on the mobile phone gets 99% open rates, like text messaging does.

About the Survey: The survey was done between March 3, 2016 and March 7, 2016, in partnership with Equation Research, and included a 5-minute online quantitative survey. The survey respondents were recruited via email from a nationally representative database. There were 1,001 survey respondents, all over the age of 18 years old, and the gender and geography was balanced.

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