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70% of Verizon Subscribers Using Smartphones

Smartphone Statistics

I’ve always questioned most statistics on smartphone penetration, as they always seemed low, but in Verizon’s Q4 2013 investor update, they said that at the end of 2013, 70% of Verizon’s retail postpaid customers are using smartphones. This is pretty amazing, considering that back in 2011 smartphone penetration was only at 40%.

Is this rise in smartphone usage good for SMS marketing? Yes! Did you know that SMS promotions are three times more likely to be redeemed by smartphone users, when compared to feature phone users? It’s true, check out this blog post. Also, did you know that even on the smartest of smartphones, SMS messaging is one of the most used features? It’s true, 92% of smartphone users report using SMS messaging.

Even better, smartphone users want promotional messages sent to them from their favorite brands, more than feature phone users do. How much more? According to this study, 53% of smartphone users want promotional messages via SMS, where only 23% of feature phone users want promotional messages sent via SMS.

When during the day are these smartphone users sending & receiving the most SMS messages? According to this study, the most SMS messaging happens later in the day.

Long live the smartphone!

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