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5 Simple Texts That Raise Record Donations

5 Simple Texts That Raise Record Donations

When drafting the perfect fundraising text message, there are some key text message strategies that are sure to help you meet your fundraising goals. Tatango has helped fundraising campaigns use these strategies to raise over $400 million in donations since our founding in 2007. In this blog, we share five text message examples your organization can use to raise record donations.


Why Use SMS and MMS Text Messaging for Your Campaign

The world of marketing and promotion is constantly changing. Telephone and email outreach used to be the norm, but today they’re considered dated methods of connecting with an audience—not to mention they have a lackluster success rate. The average open rate for email newsletters is only about 22.71%, and the average click-through rate is 2.91%. On the other hand, SMS and MMS text messages boast far more impressive numbers. For example, 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them, and 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received.

SMS marketing can effectively reach thousands or even millions of customers at once and is the perfect channel for organizations that need to share time-sensitive promotions or information.


5 Simple Texts That Raise Record Donations

Don’t spend another second mulling over how to craft the perfect text message to raise donations. Tatango has made it easy for you to jump-start your donation campaign with these five simple text messages you can customize and send your supporters today!

Throughout the examples, you’ll notice a few recurring strategies. First, keep your text messages clear with a call to action (CTA) that lets your subscribers know exactly what you want them to do. In these examples, you want them to donate.

Next, make sure your text messages are simple, skimmable, and eye-catching.

Lastly, keep it personal to boost click-throughs and engagement and gain your donors’ attention efficiently and conveniently. Donors like to feel personally connected to the causes they love and support. 

Use the following examples to spark ideas for your next campaign.


#1: The Statistic

Sharing how donations will be used is a strong motivator for supporters to donate to your cause. Here’s how that text message looks:

Did you know [statistic]? Every dollar makes a difference. Donate today to help create a better tomorrow: [link]

5 Simple Texts That Raise Record Donations


#2: The Holidays

The holidays are a time for giving. Tap into that giving spirit if the timing works. Here’s how that text message looks:

The holidays are a joyful time. Your donation will give [cause/community] a reason to celebrate: [link]

5 Simple Texts That Raise Record Donations


#3: The Accomplishment

If you’re targeting repeat donors, share how their previous donations impacted your goals. It’s a great way to let supporters know their donations make a difference. Here’s how that text message looks:

Thanks to your help, we passed our goal of [statistic]! If you’d like to keep supporting us by making another contribution, click to donate: [link]

5 Simple Texts That Raise Record Donations


#4: The Personal Connection

Like the accomplishment text message, the personal connection focuses on how your donor’s direct and specific contribution made a difference. Here’s how that text message looks:

Hi [FirstName], your donation of [amount] helped us [insert past goal] last year. If you would like to continue to support [cause/community], please consider donating again: [link]

5 Simple Texts That Raise Record Donations


#5: The Thank You

If you have a reason to thank someone, that means you’ve already developed a relationship with them, and they may be looking for opportunities to support your cause. Here’s how that text message looks:

Hi [FirstName], thanks for visiting us today. If you’d like to be part of [cause], donate today: [link]

5 Simple Texts That Raise Record Donations

You can easily copy and paste these five fundraising text messages and fill in a few specific details to help your campaign raise record donations.


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