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27% Visit Website After Receiving Text Message

In May 2012, Placecast did a survey asking consumers the simple question “How did text marketing affect your purchase?” The survey found that 38% of recipients of text message advertising visited the company’s website for more information, and 27% of recipients visited the company’s website with the intent to make a purchase. Results are seen in the table below.Response to SMS advertising

Why is this so important? With over 80% of 18-34 year olds purchasing smartphones that have access to the mobile web, this means those customers in the past that would just open up their laptop after receiving a text message ad, are now looking to access your website on their mobile device. This means that it’s both essential to link from your text message ads to your website (need help with this, check out this post), and to make sure that your website is mobile optimized.

Properly positioning your business in the mobile world is key. When sending text message advertising to your customers, why not make the transition from text message to website as easy as possible for the customer? By making this transition easier on the customer, you’re only more likely to increase the amount of customers that visit your website to make a purchase after receiving a text message advertisement.


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