#1 Strategy for Growing Mobile Subscribers – Fast!

Looking to grow your mobile subscribers fast? If so, watch the video below to reveal the #1 strategy that we use here at Tatango to grow our client’s mobile subscribers!


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Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson with Tatango.com. One of the questions I get asked the most here at Tatango by new customers of Tatango is how to grow your SMS subscriber database. And not only how to grow it, but how to grow it real fast, because an SMS marketing campaign is pretty useless if you don’t have any phone numbers in the campaign, because you need phone numbers to send the text messages to, which then drives, you know, in-store or online purchases from your customers.

So, there’s one thing that is essential, one thing that we almost require of our new customers that they do in order to grow their SMS subscribers. So that thing is to offer an opt-in incentive. So what this means is, instead of just saying, you know, let’s say you’re a pizza place, text pizza to 12345 to opt-in for our text message alerts. Okay, that will get you a certain amount of new subscribers. But, if you want to grow your subscribers by 520%, yes, that’s correct, that was a study that was done, and it showed that consumers, if you offer some sort of incentive to give up a piece of information like a phone number for an opt in, then you’ll be able to grow your database 520% faster. So what that looks like for text message marketing is, you know, receive a free slice of pizza when you join our mobile club. Text pizza to 12345.

Now, you want to be very, very careful. There’s a few different things that can catch up businesses and kind of confuse consumers, so I’ll go through those. The first one is, you don’t want to mislead a consumer when advertising your opt-in incentive. So what you don’t want to do is, you don’t want to say, you know, receive a free slice of pizza, text pizza to 12345. Because the consumer is not understanding that, to get the free slice of pizza, they have to opt-in. So you don’t want to mislead the consumer in the opt-in. Another thing, more on the technical side, is you want to find an SMS platform that can distinguish between whether it’s the first time, or an initial opt-in of a consumer, or it’s a second or third or fourth time opt-in. So, consumers are smart. What they’ll do is if they see a free pizza offer, you know, if they’re opting in, they will opt in, they will get the free slice of pizza, then they’ll opt out, and then they’ll opt back in again maybe next week, and they’ll get a free slice of pizza. Usually what you wanna do is, you wanna send the text message confirmation, so, thank you for opting in, to the consumer, and then you want to follow up pretty much immediately with the opt-in offer, the incentive. So, you know, here’s your free slice of pizza, redeem it at the counter. So, two different messages. If they were to opt-out, then opt back in again, what you’re gonna do is your gonna still send the first message which says, hey, thanks for opting in, but you’re not gonna send the second message which is the incentive message, you know, with the coupon, because they’ve already opted in once before.

If you want to get really technical, and kind of go to a different level, what you can do is you can send the opt-in message, the confirmation message, thank you for opting in, and then on the second, third, fourth, or fifth, you know, attempt that they’re opting in, you can say, sorry, in a separate message, sorry, you’ve already redeemed the offer, you know, but please maybe share it with your friends, or please stop in, we always have great deals, you know, something along those lines. But do not send them the opt-in incentive again, on the second, third, or fourth, you know, opt-in.

So that’s the best way to grow your SMS subscribers, I highly recommend it. If you’re starting an SMS campaign, that is an essential piece, you know, to your marketing. If you’re use, if you’re already using SMS marketing and you do not have that, just wait. Once you start advertising that, you’re gonna grow your subscribers significantly from where they’re currently at, to, you know, if could be 520% greater than you’re already at. So, that’s the best way to grow your SMS subscribers.

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  • Blu Atwood

    Hi Derek, I really enjoy reading and watching your informational post on SMS marketing. You do more than anyone in the industry to dispel myths and provide guidance about regulations and marketing standards. This post is great advice!

  • Thanks for the comment! Be on the lookout for a new TCPA video series we’re launching, it’s going to be pretty great!