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#1 Reason SMS Marketing Continues to Grow in Popularity

In this text message marketing blog post, we talk about a yearly recurring discussion in the mobile marketing industry. Repeatedly, mobile marketers ask themselves and others the following question:

Why does the 20 year old text message technology, which is a simple, 160 character communication and marketing method, continues to become more popular each year?

This consistent rise in popularity is something we also notice here at Tatango. The number of brands showing their interest in text message marketing is higher than it was in 2018 and the years before. Reason enough for us to shed some light on this important topic.


Why Does Text Message Marketing Become More Popular Every Year?

If the demand for text message services keeps increasing ever year, then, as an industry, it is important to ask ourselves why? In a world where new technological advancements constantly change and revolutionize the mobile messaging environment, it is interesting to see that SMS really hasn’t changed that much, and that it remains a very popular method for brands to stay in contact with their customers.

While looking at this interesting discussion, it is important to take into consideration that mobile phones have gotten smarter and smarter over the years.


The Era of Smartphones and SMS Marketing’s Role in It

Tatango Launched 12 years ago in 2007, which was the same year in which the first iPhone was brought on the marked by Apple. Since this revolutionary phone product was so new, we did not even have one at the office during our first year of operating in the mobile marketing industry.

Pre-iPhone, the receiver of a text message marketing message coupon or promotion had to actually show that offer to a restaurant or a retailer. That was the whole text message promotion experience, and, although it did the job, it was a pretty boring concept for consumers and marketers.

However, over the years, mobile phones have become increasingly smarter, and text messaging has become more valuable because of that.

Due to its robust and evergreen model, SMS has always been able to piggy bag on the success of continuously improving smartphone technologies, without having to chance much by itself.


Why Text Messaging Is Such a Robust Mobile Marketing Method

One of the strengths of text message marketing is that it has a staggering 99% open rate, which means that practically every SMS campaign subscriber who opens up a message when it comes in, will actually see the brand’s offer.

Now, due to the presence of sophisticated smart phones, brands are able to offer their customers more text message marketing options. They no longer have to rely on the single method of having to actually send consumers to a cashier where they then need show a promotional text message in person.

For example, via the use of downloadable applications, marketers can now present their subscribers with messages that have deep links, which will lead them to a specific webpage. Once they arrive at such a page, consumers can then perform various actions like purchasing products and taking quizzes or polls.

Another example is the use of videos within text messages. Back in 2007, it was not possible to provide such a rich media messaging experience due to the fact that mobile phones were not able to support it at that time.


The Future of Smartphones and Text Messaging

There are so many amazing actions we can now perform on our mobile devices, and, in the future, we will see even smarter phones. These phones will allow marketers to provide even more sophisticated messaging services such as, for example, virtual reality experiences.

With all these future mobile services, text messaging will just act as a reliable workhorse that introduces consumers to all kinds of enhanced user experiences.


Why Brands Will Not Be Able to Ignore SMS Marketing in the Future

So, if you ever wonder why the text message marketing industry keeps getting busier every year, then remember that it has much to do with the fact that mobile phones keep getting smarter, and thus will be able to provide more and more sophisticated features and experiences.

Brands are always looking for the best vehicle that delivers these new mobile features, offers, and experiences to consumers, and they will not be able to ignore the fact that that vehicle is text message marketing due to its incredible 99% open rate.


Interested in Text Message Marketing?

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