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Mobile Offers

Create mobile-web based offers, and send them using Tatango’s mobile messaging platform.

For the last 10+ years, Tatango has been the go-to solution for mobile messaging. Just recently, Tatango has started to expand their offering, with the launch of Mobile Offers. This new product allows clients to create, manage and send mobile web-based offers via mobile messaging.

Tatango Add-on - Mobile Offers

How It Works

Learn how Tatango Mobile offers work, and how you can use them in your next campaign.

Create Mobile Offers

Tatango's drag-n-drop mobile coupon creator makes it easy to create mobile coupons, customize them to reflect the brand, without any coding skills required.

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Tatango Mobile Offers - Create Mobile Offer
Tatango Mobile Offers - Send Mobile Offer

Send Mobile Offers

Once you've created a mobile coupon, use Tatango's award-winning mobile messaging software to distribute it to mobile subscribers. Tatango's mobile messaging software supports sending coupons in SMS, MMS and RCS messages. 

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Manage Redemptions

Using Tatango mobile offers software allows you to take complete control over the mobile redemption process. Limit redemption per customer, ensuring that you're protected against costly mobile coupon code fraud.

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Tatango Mobile Offers - Manage Redemptions
Tatango Mobile Offers - Analyze Results

Analyze Results

Tatango not only gives you the tools to create and send mobile coupons, it also provides you with the data to evaluate the success of each of your mobile coupons.

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