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Dedicated Short Code Provisioning

Tatango has provisioned dedicated short codes for presidential candidates to Fortune 500 brands.

Since 2012, Tatango has been a CSCA Top Short Code Provider. This designation by the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA), allows Tatango to offer a much shorter, and less expensive dedicated short code provisioning process for our clients.

Tatango Services - Short Code Provisioning Service

Short Code Provisioning Testimonials

Hear what Tatango clients have to say about dedicated short code provisioning with Tatango.

Jesse Chor

“Tatango and their team made the entire process of acquiring, provisioning, and deploying our dedicated short code a breeze. It’s what sets them apart from the rest of the industry.”

Mark Mast

Bond Auto Parts
“Our Implementation Specialist went above and beyond. We used our Implementation Specialist to help our brand develop it's strategy, and make sure we were fully TCPA and CTIA compliant.”

Chris Faddis

Focus Tank Creative
“The results of our SMS campaign speak for themselves when our client’s limited release movie makes it all the way to the number eight spot at the box office on opening weekend.”

Michael Elliott

Rocketdog Agency
“When it comes to helping our clients understand the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and how it applies to their use of a dedicated short code, the team at Tatango are truly experts.”

Robert Willington

Swiftkurrent Agency
“Being TCPA compliant is important to our clients. Working with Tatango when setting up our client’s campaigns, means I can sleep easy at night, and assure our clients that they're compliant.”

Jay Sachdev

“When selecting a short code provided to host our short code, we were looking for reliability, high messaging throughputs and great support, and with Tatango we found all three of those things.”