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$200,000 in new sales in less than 30 days?

Seattle Sun Tan, a 35-location tanning salon located in Washington State, was able to generate almost $200,000 in new sales during the first month of their SMS marketing campaign with Tatango. The best part is that by using Tatango and following some of the same strategies that Seattle Sun Tan used, your business too can achieve the same phenomenal results. So how did Seattle Sun Tan grow sales by nearly $200,000 in just their first month of using Tatango? Let us tell you.

“When looking at different mobile marketing options for Seattle Sun Tan, we selected text messaging because of the high customer adoption and that it works across all wireless carriers and operating platforms.”

Stewart Kelpe
VP of Marketing at Seattle Sun Tan

Being new to SMS marketing, Seattle Sun Tan’s first objective was to capture their customer’s mobile phone numbers, and in the process, get their permission to send them text message deals from Seattle Sun Tan in the future. To do this, Seattle Sun Tan used Tatango’s shared vanity short code 33733, and the keyword “TANS”, which allowed customers to opt-in from their own mobile phones by simply texting “TANS” to 33733.

Tanning Salon Text Messaging Case Study

As you can see in the advertisement above, Seattle Sun Tan used an attractive offer to reward customers for opting in. This offer was good for $20 off a customer’s next purchase at Seattle Sun Tan. You can see their advertisement below, which was promoted through the following channels.

  • Seattle Sun Tan leveraged their pre-existing email database of 80,000+ customers to advertise the launch of their SMS campaign.
  • Seattle Sun Tan advertised their new SMS campaign on the leading page of their website, in additional to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, with a combined reach of 37,000+ customers.
  • All 35 Seattle Sun Tan locations prominently advertised the new SMS campaign in high-traffic, visible locations throughout each store.

Below you can see the opt-in process for a Seattle Sun Tan customer.

SMS Marketing Case Study - Tanning Salon

Redemption rate of 57%

During the first month of Seattle Sun Tan’s text messaging campaign with Tatango, they were able to get 4,750 customers to opt-in, which was tracked and displayed within their Tatango campaign dashboard. What’s even more impressive was the fact that initial text message offer had a redemption rate of 57%. Seattle Sun Tan used two Tatango features to boost redemption rates, and stop possible coupon fraud.

  1. The use of Tatango’s rolling expiration date feature within the text message offer, ensured that no matter when a customer opted-in, they only had 5 days to redeem the offer.
  2. Seattle Sun Tan used Tatango’s scheduled messaging feature to only send the initial text message offer once per unique mobile phone number. This ensured that customers were unable to receive the opt-in incentive multiple times.

$196,101.87 in new sales

This initial text message offer generated $196,101.87 in new sales during that first month. By instructing customers to show the text message offer on their mobile phones to redeem, employees were able to record and track redemptions, along with revenue generated from each customer redeeming the text message offer. It’s interesting to note that Seattle Sun Tan customers redeeming the initial text message offer, on average spent 500% more than customers that didn’t receive the text message offer.

Was Seattle Sun Tan concerned about people opting into the Mobile VIP Club just for the initial offer, then opting out? Yes, and what business wouldn’t be if they’re offering an initial offer as attractive as $20 off a next purchase. To calm their fears, we at Tatango explained that on average the amount of people that opt-in to a mobile club with a strong initial incentive like Seattle Sun Tan was offering, then opted-out within 24 hours was between 1.3 – 6.1%. That means for every 100 people that opted-in to join their Mobile VIP Club, they could expect to retain between 94-99 new subscribers, or 98 if they took the average opt-out rate which sits at 2.3%.

“Not only did Tatango help us build a large database of customer’s mobile phone numbers that we’ll be able to use for ongoing promotions, the initial text offer generated significant revenue for our company, far exceeding my expectations.”

Stewart Kelpe
VP of Marketing at Seattle Sun Tan