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Tatango Increases Seattle Sun Tan Revenues
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Seattle Sun Tan, a 35-location tanning salon located in Washington state, wanted a better way of advertising to their ever increasing mobile reliant customers.

"When looking at different mobile marketing options for Seattle Sun Tan, we selected text messaging because of the high customer adoption and that it works across all wireless carriers and operating platforms."

Stewart Kelpe
VP of Marketing at Seattle Sun Tan



  • Seattle Sun Tan set up their SMS campaign using a vanity short code (33733) and descriptive SMS keyword (TANS) in order to ensure the opt-in process for customers was easy and memorable.

  • Seattle Sun Tan created an attractive initial text message offer, "$20 off your next purchase," to encourage customers to purchase higher value tanning subscription packages.

  • Rolling expiration dates and coupons were limited to one per unique phone number, which encouraged Seattle Sun Tan customers to redeem their text message offer quickly, while also preventing repetitive offer redemptions.


  • Seattle Sun Tan leveraged their pre-existing email database of 80,000+ customers to advertise the launch of their SMS campaign.

  • Seattle Sun Tan advertised their new SMS campaign on the leading page of their website, in additional to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, with a combined reach of 37,000+ customers.

  • All 35 Seattle Sun Tan locations prominently advertised the new SMS campaign in high-traffic, visible locations throughout each store.


  • Seattle Sun Tan used Tatango's campaign analytics reports to track and measure customer opt-in rates during the SMS campaign.

  • By instructing customers to show the text message offer on their mobile phones to redeem, employees were able to record and track redemptions, along with revenue generated from each customer redeeming the text message offer.


  • Seattle Sun Tan built a mobile database of 4,750 customers during the first month of the SMS campaign.

  • 57% of recipients redeemed the text message offer, generating $196,101.87 in new revenue during the first month.

  • Customers redeeming the text message offer, on average spent 500% more than customers that didn't receive the offer.

"Not only did Tatango help us build a large database of customer’s mobile phone numbers that we’ll be able to use for ongoing promotions, the initial text offer generated significant revenue for our company, far exceeding my expectations."

Stewart Kelpe
VP of Marketing at Seattle Sun Tan

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