Strategic Advisory Services


“ Our Tatango Strategic Advisor is always just a phone
  call away, and a great resource for ideas, strategy and
  industry best practices while running our SMS
  campaign. ”

Jesse Chor
CEO at SparqCode

It's just as important to select a partner with enterprise-class software, as it is to select a partner with industry leading expertise to help you successfully build an SMS marketing strategy that will produce measurable results. Tatango strategic advisors provide the assistance to address any questions or concerns at any point during your campaign, in addition to working with you and your business on strategic planning, training, best practice compliance and more.


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What is a Tatango strategic advisor?

A Tatango strategic advisor is your direct point of contact during your SMS campaign. At the beginning of your relationship, a strategic advisor will be responsible for helping you build an SMS marketing strategy that not only makes sense for your business, but will produce measurable results that increase customer interactions, sales, and build loyalty. After the campaign has been deployed, your strategic advisor will shift focus to helping you review your campaign performance, and recommend changes to better the campaign.

Who are the Tatango strategic advisors?

Tatango strategic advisors are selected for their SMS marketing experience, knowledge and expertise in the industry, and are trained to provide their clients with stellar advisory services. Only a handful of the Tatango team have the experience, and more importantly the patience and educator-like qualities that are required to become a strategic advisor.

What do Tatango strategic advisors do?

Personalized Training - Training administered by your strategic advisor will allow your team to take responsibility for the day-to-day management of your SMS campaign.

Developing Strategy - During the first call with your strategic advisor, they'll get to know you, your business and most importantly your SMS marketing goals and objectives. From this initial conversation, your strategic advisory will help you develop an SMS strategy that will allow your business to reach and exceed your SMS marketing goals.

Optimizing Message Content - With the character restrictions, legalities, dynamic merge tags and so much more to worry about, almost every marketer could use a little help in optimizing their SMS messages. Your strategic advisor is an expert at helping your business produce interesting, fresh, unique and effective content.

Promotional Assistance - Need ideas in developing and executing a marketing strategy for your new SMS campaign? Work with your strategic advisor in creating ideas that guarantee mobile engagement from your customers.

Best Practice Compliance - Don't be caught off guard when it comes to compliance issues surrounding your text message marketing campaign. Your strategic advisor keeps up to date with the most recent changes and guidelines enforced by the CTIA, wireless carriers and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and can provide assistance in both the understanding and implementation of these guidelines.

Troubleshooting - Any issues that arise during your SMS campaign, your strategic advisor will only be only a call, chat or email away.

Message Performance - After you send a text message, your strategic advisor can help you analyze your message's performance and suggest future modifications to your messaging strategy to increase campaign performance.


Talk to a Services Expert Today
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Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM PST (Toll-FREE) or send us a message