Bulk SMS Gateway


“ When selecting an SMS gateway, we were looking for
  reliability, high messaging throughputs and great
  support, and with Tatango we found all three of those
  things. ”

Jat Sachdav
CTO at Mosio

If you're looking for an bulk SMS gateway with proven delivery infrastructure, high message through-put and a direct connection to a tier 1 aggregator, Tatango is your answer. Leverage the power of Tatango's bulk SMS gateway to send and receive text message notifications within your own application. Not only does Tatango offer a robust, easy to use and reliable gateway for SMS bulk messaging, we also provide industry leading expertise to help you through every step of the integration.

The Tatango bulk SMS gateway is implemented as a web service using XML-formatted data transported via HTTP. You will send the request to the Tatango host address configured for your API account. Tatango will then respond with an XML response.


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Supported Bulk SMS API Operations

Transmit MT Message - The client application uses the submit operation to send a message (mobile- terminated outbound SMS) for delivery to a mobile device via the OpenMarket SMS gateway.

Retrieve Delivery Status - The client application uses the query operation to request the delivery status of a previously submitted message.

Retrieve Phone Number Information - The client application uses the preview operation to request information from Tatango about a mobile phone number (also known as number lookup). The results from the preview request include the mobile operator, the mobile phone number, geographic location, and other demographic information when available.

Transmit MO Message - Tatango uses this operation to transmit a message originating from a mobile device (mobile-originated inbound SMS) to your application.

Redundancy Comes Standard

Data Center Redundancy - To ensure that all of our services are highly available, Tatango maintains redundant data centers in two different geographic locations. Each data center provides multiple hosts for HTTP connections, and Tatango services support 100% of the traffic load out of either data center.

Tatango data centers are also interconnected with both a VPN and private line connection. This interconnection allows us to route SMS bulk messageing to available hosts in either data center in the case of failures. You are encouraged to take advantage of our redundant services by establishing parallel connections to multiple hosts at each data center.

Mobile Operator Network Redundancy - Tatango has established redundant connections to all of our mobile operator partners. If a geo-redundant connection is available for an operator, SMS messages continue to be sent to and received from that operator regardless of which data center is servicing your requests.

Supported Bulk SMS Carriers

Alltel, AT&T, Bluegrass Cellular, Boost Mobile, Cellcom Cellular, Cricket Wireless, South Centennial Cincinnati, Bell Dobson, Cellular Systems, East Kentucky Network ECIT, Nextel Communications, NTELOSRural Cellular Corp., Sprint PCS Wireless, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile USA, West Central Wireless, Alaska Communications Systems (ACS), Bluegrass, Centennial, Cellular One of East, Central Illinois (ECIT), Cellular One of NE PA, Cox Wireless, East Kentucky Network, Element Mobile, GCI Communications, Golden State, Inland Cellular, Illinois Valley Cellular, IMMIX, IWireless, MetroPCS, Nex-Tech, Plateau, Thumb, United, Viaero, West Central, Cross, Epic Touch, Chat Mobility - NW Missouri, Mosaic, Panhandle, Pioneer, Revol, Syringa, Simmetry, Union

Need to Get a SMS Short Code?

Tatango has been working with brands since 2007 to provision text messaging short codes for use with our bulk SMS program. When it comes to getting a short code in the shortest amount of time possible, with the least amount of work and headaches, Tatango is the solution. Call us at (888) 517-6345 or contact us to get your own SMS short code today. Learn more.

To learn more about TatangoPlus and our Bulk SMS Gateway Program, call our experts at (888) 517-6345 or use our contact form.


Talk to a Services Expert Today
Call 1 (888) 517-6345

Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM PST (Toll-FREE) or send us a message