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The people behind Tatango are some of the foremost experts on SMS marketing, yet up until now their knowledge has been kept confidential. Luckily for you, we've been able to extract this knowledge and produce a set of free guides to help SMS marketers. These free guides will include all the information you need to know on how to set up, launch and measure your own successful SMS marketing campaign. Download these guides for free below.

Available SMS Marketing Guides

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Download Guide - Beginner's Guide to SMS Marketing Download Guide - 30 SMS Marketing Case Studies Download Guide - 100 SMS Marketing Examples
Download Guide - SMS Marketing Promotions Download Guide - Selecting SMS keywords Download Guide - Growing SMS Subscribers
Download Guide - TCPA Compliance Download Guide - CTIA Text Messaging Compliance Download Guide - Leveraging Contests to Grow SMS Subscribers
Download Guide - Transferring SMS Subscribers Download Guide - Geo-Targeting Download Guide - SMS Marketing for Agencies
Download Guide - SMS Marketing for Restaurants Download Guide - SMS Marketing for Retail
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