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Text Message Campaign Setup Guide

Can I have any SMS Keyword I want? Are there any limitations?

SMS Keywords are limited to 15 characters and must be made up of either letters or numbers. Also, they have to be unique, which means the SMS keyword will not be available if it's already used by any other Tatango customer.

What is Tatango Mass Messaging?

Tatango Mass Messaging allows you to collect your customers' mobile phone numbers and text message them on a regular basis. Usually these text messages are notifications about specials, promotions, events, etc.

What is a Tatango Auotresponder?

Tatango Autoresponders allow you to automate a text message response triggered by a customer that texts an SMS keyword to the Tatango short code 33733. These are most commonly used for SMS voting, SMS contests or just sending information back to a mobile phone.

Are there any setup fees?

No, none at all.

How much time will text message marketing take?

It only takes a couple of minutes with Tatango to have a fully functional SMS marketing campaign up and running. After the campaign is running, most businesses spend less than five minutes per week managing their SMS campaign.

Can SMS keywords, opt-in messages and autoresponders be changed later?

Yea, that's no problem, change them whenever and however often you like.

What is Tatango's short code?

Tatango operates its SMS marketing platform off of the short code 33733.

How many SMS keywords or SMS campaigns can I set up?

When you upgraded your account to a monthly subscription plan, you'll have the ability to create an unlimited amount of SMS keywords and SMS campaigns.

What if I have more questions about setting up my SMS campaign?

Here at Tatango we love helping Tatango customers set up their SMS campaigns. If you need a little help or have a question that you can't find the answer to, please contact us.

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