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Professional Services Text Messaging

Tatango works with a wide array of professional services, including real estate agents, salons, therapists and caregivers--and that's just to name a few of our professional service customers. Much like the diversity of our professional service customers, their text message usage ranges from simple SMS reminders to sending messages about events, promotions and coupons. No matter what type of professional service industry you're in, Tatango has the SMS marketing tools for you to attract new customers, in addition to building loyalty with your existing customer base.

- Coach SMS

Real Estate Productivity Coach

Bellingham, WA

Products Used: SMS Broadcast

Chris McNamara is a real estate productivity coach, and uses Tatango to keep in touch with 90+ real estate agents looking to become more productive in their industry.

Chris came to Tatango after realizing that his email reminders sent an hour before a seminar started, were not being opened in time. After replacing email alerts with text message alerts powered by Tatango, attendance immediately increased. This is because the average text message alert is opened within 4 minutes of being sent, allowing real estate agents enough time to shift gears and make their way to the meeting location.

"The problem was solved by mass text messaging and it took less than 3 minutes to implement. So in short, yes, Tatango was the answer." - Chris McNamara

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