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Political Text Message Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to getting out the vote for any political campaign, text message marketing is critical to any political campaigns success. Using Tatango’s text message marketing software, you’re able to quickly and easily collect your constituents mobile phone numbers and send text messages encouraging donations, attendance at events, and most importantly vote when it comes election day. With Tatango, you’re not only getting a low-cost text message marketing tool, you’re getting the secret weapon needed to win your next political campaign.

- Senate Campaign SMS

Scott Brown

Boston, MA

Products Used: SMS Broadcast, SMS Autoresponder

In 2010, U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) utilized text message marketing with Tatango to mobilize tens of thousands of supporters to attend rallies, raise awareness within their communities and most importantly, get out and vote on Election Day. In an unprecedented campaign, Scott Brown won the Massachusetts state election, even after trailing his opponent by a large margin up until election day. Political experts credit his win in part to his successful use of technology, including text message marketing during his campaign.

Tatango works with a wide array of political SMS campaigns on both the local, state and federal level, and has the tools and expertise to help your political campaign get the positive results you want.

- Senate Campaign SMS

Patty Murray Campaign

Seattle, WA

Products Used: SMS Broadcast

Patty Murray, a Seattle Democrat, was elected in 2010 to serve her fourth term in the United States Senate. During her re-election, she was challenged by Republican nominee Dino Rossi. Even with Patty Murray being the fourth-highest-ranking Democrat and the highest-ranking woman in the Senate, Dino Rossi presented a formable challenger for the Senate seat.

Before the 2010 election, Patty Murray came to Tatango looking to implement a text message marketing campaign to improve communications with her technology savvy and mobile constituents. During the election, Murray used Tatango to send text messages about events, updates for staff and volunteers, and most importantly to remind voters to head to the polls on election day.

Whether you're a Democrat, Republican or Independent, Tatango not only helps you improve voter communications, but gives you the tools and expertise to win elections.

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