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Texting Gains Ground as Primary use of Mobile Phones

15th June 2009 - Posted by in category Text Messaging Statistics

The recently released Vlingo Consumer Mobile Messaging Habits Report on SMS statistics finds that nearly 60% of mobile phone owners use their phones to text, with teens leading the way (94%), followed by 20-somethings (87%), 40-somethings (64%), and 50-somethings (46%).

Among all users, texting is also gaining on sending/receiving calls as the primary use of mobile phones, with 35% of all respondents using their phones for texting more than for phone calls.

Here are some other key findings among all those surveyed:

In terms of texting, the 13 to 19 age group remains the most active, sending on average more than 500 texts per month;
73% do not use email on their mobile phones;
70% do not browse the Web;
41% do not text;
44% cite cost as a barrier to adopting text messaging;
59% cite cost as a barrier to web browsing;
53% cite cost as a reason for not adopting mobile email.

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