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Tatango Voice Launches!

13th October 2008 - Posted by in category Tatango News

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Tatango Voice.

Tatango Voice allows any group leader to record and send a free voice call to all the mobile phones within their group. Traditionally, groups used complex phone trees to communicate with all their members, but were restricted because of the time it required to relay a message to everyone. However, leveraging the latest in Web 2.0, Tatango has developed an easy, simple and free way for group leaders to communicate to many people over the phone at once, eliminating any delays found with conventional phone trees.

Tatango Voice was developed as an on-demand system that allows a group member to retrieve their voice call on their own time through a simple text message command. A group member is alerted of a waiting voice call via text message, and can retrieve that voice call by simply replying to the text message with the word “CALL”.

“Text messaging is great for certain types of group messages, but sometimes a group needs a little more room to convey their message” says Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango. “By adding
voice to our existing group communication tools, we’ve developed the most complete, powerful, and user-friendly system with which to communicate with any group, no matter what type of message.”

As with Tatango’s group SMS offerings, Tatango Voice is completely free to use and ad supported with 7 second interactive advertisements placed at the beginning of each voice call.

Be sure to check out the short video below of how group members are able to retrieve their voice messages from Tatango on their own time.

View the press today below:

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