Tatango CEO on PHD SMS Marketing Spam Lawsuit

Last week a California man filed a federal class action lawsuit against PHD Worldwide, a PR firm, for sending an unsolicited quit smoking message to his cell phone. He is seeking more than $5 million under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

I received a call from PaidContent last week to comment on an article about this specific class action SMS marketing lawsuit. My comment is below.

“In the meantime, mobile-based marketing has soared in popularity, according to Derek Johnson, the CEO of text-marketing firm, Tatango. Johnson says it can be hard for companies to navigate the laws for this type of campaign and suggests that marketing associations could do a better job of providing guidance. He says that he provides his clients, who include Senator Scott Brown and pizza chain Papa Murphy’s, with a legally bulletproof “double opt-in” approach. This requires that a cell phone user first send a request to receive messages from the client and then reply to a text in order to confirm the request.” Read the full article here…

PHD Worldwide Text Message Marketing Spam Lawsuit