SMS Marketing’s Most Influential Twitter Accounts

Have you wondered who’s the most influential people in the SMS marketing industry? No need to wonder anymore, as we’ve put together a list of the most influential Twitter accounts in SMS marketing.

If you don’t see your name on this list and you think it should be, hit us up.


Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson
CEO, Tatango

Jared Reitzin Founder & CEO, mobileStorm

Jared Reitzin
Founder & CEO, mobileStorm

Jeff Hasen CMO, Hipcricket

Jeff Hasen
CMO, Hipcricket


Zaw Thet Co-Founder & CEO 4INFO

Zaw Thet
Co-Founder & CEO 4INFO


Ariel Poler Founder TextMarks

Ariel Poler
Founder TextMarks


Michael J. Becker VP Mobile Strategies, iLoop

Michael J. Becker
VP Mobile Strategies, iLoop


Stephanie DeBou Sales Director Tagga

Stephanie DeBou
Sales Director Tagga


Alex Mittelstaedt VP Sales, Tatango

Alex Mittelstaedt
VP Sales, Tatango


Ivan Braiker CEO, Hipcricket

Ivan Braiker
CEO, Hipcricket


Vaneet Sr. Client Manager, Tagga

Sr. Client Manager, Tagga


Kim Dushinski Author, The Mobile Marketing Handbook

Kim Dushinski
Author, The Mobile Marketing Handbook


Adam Small CEO, Connective Mobile

Adam Small
CEO, Connective Mobile


Kristina Stewart Marketing Manager, Vibes Media

Kristina Stewart
Marketing Manager, Vibes Media

Mark Reiken CEO, Text2Pay

Mark Reiken
CEO, Text2Pay


Dorrian Porter CEO, Mozes

Dorrian Porter
CEO, Mozes


Chas Ramer CEO, StreetSavings

Chas Ramer
CEO, StreetSavings


Eric Harber President, HipCricket

Eric Harber
President, HipCricket


Alex Campbell Founder, Vibes Media

Alex Campbell
Founder, Vibes Media


Jack Philbin Co-Founder, Vibes Media

Jack Philbin
Co-Founder, Vibes Media


Justin Montgomery Editor, Mobile Marketing Watch

Justin Montgomery
Editor, Mobile Marketing Watch


 Peggy Anne Salz Founder & Chief Analyst, MobileGroove

Peggy Anne Salz
Founder & Chief Analyst, MobileGroove


David Murphy Editor, Mobile Marketing MagazineDavid Murphy
Editor, Mobile Marketing Magazine


Emily Turrettini Editor, TextuallyEmily Turrettini
Editor, Textually


Kelly Mclvor Founder, MobileMarketingFail.comKelly Mclvor


Brad HerrmannBrad Herrmann
Founder, Call-Em-All


Scott Goodstein Founder, Revolution MessagingScott Goodstein
Founder, Revolution Messaging


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