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SMS Marketing Compared To Email Marketing

6th December 2010 - Posted by in category Text Message Marketing Statistics

When customers are looking at pricing for SMS marketing, they often compare it to the price of email marketing. From a quick glance, SMS marketing can cost almost 3 times as much per message as email marketing. When you compare SMS open rates to email open rates, it’s a very different story. If you are a restaurant, the average email marketing open rate is 26.17%, compared to 98% for SMS marketing. Below you will find a graph representing the SMS open rates V.S. Email open rates.

As you can imagine, the difference between SMS open rates and email open rates have a significant impact on the cost. Not the cost per message sent, but the cost per message opened. If you really think about it, doesn’t it make sense for a restaurant to compare SMS marketing costs to email marketing costs on the messages that are actually opened by their customers, rather than the messages sent? Below you will find a graph representing not only the cost between sent messages, but more importantly the cost per opened messages. As you can see, in regards to cost per opened message, SMS marketing takes the win when compared to email marketing.

Sources: Email marketing rates taken from Mailchimp’s pay-as-you-go plan of 2,000 credits. Industry benchmarks taken from Mailchimp.


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