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Romney Announces VP with Text Message

11th August 2012 - Posted by in category SMS Marketing Examples, Text Message Marketing #FAIL

Politicians are known for flip-flopping on the issues, but what about on mobile marketing strategies? It looks like Mitt Romney did a little flip-flopping this morning as he abandoned  the idea of announcing his Vice Presidential running mate first to supporters that downloaded his mobile app.

Instead, much like Obama did in the last presidential election, he announced his Vice Presidential running mate with a text message. You can see the text message he sent below. As you’ll notice, this text message arrived at 6:19AM PST, a little later than the 5:14AM PST previous text message, but in my opinion still too early for a Saturday morning.

Let me know in the comments section below when you think it’s just too early to send a text message.

Romney Text Message Vice President


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