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Pro-Cuts Pulls Bait-n-Switch on Rangers Fans

22nd January 2013 - Posted by in category Text Message Marketing #FAIL

Nothing makes me more angry than seeing a text message marketing campaign pull the old bait-n-switch on consumers. Don’t know what a text message marketing bait-n-switch  is? Watch this video, or read the blog post about the last offender, Dazbog Coffee.

Pro-Cuts Text Message Marketing Campaign

Todays bait-n-switch offender is Pro-Cuts as seen at a Texas Rangers game. The campaign offered fans the chance to win 4 tickets behind home plate by texting Rangers to 37404. The bounce back message thanked fans for participating and offered a coupon to a Pro-Cuts hair salon. No problems yet… until a week or so later after I receive an unsolicited text message from Pro-Cuts with another deal. Boom… the bait-n-switch.

Pro-Cuts SMS Marketing

This type of bait-n-switch tricks consumers into thinking they’re text messaging to enter a contest, where actually without knowing, they’re both entering the contest and signing up for future text message promotions.

Want to run an SMS contest and avoid pulling the bait-n-switch on your customers? Learn how to properly use the SMS double opt-in method to run an SMS contest, while still growing your SMS subscribers by clicking here.



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