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The History of Carrier Pass-Through Fees in SMS Marketing

27th January 2014 - Posted by Derek Johnson in category Misc

Did you know that SMS providers like Tatango have to pay a per-message fee to an SMS aggregator, each and every time a text message is sent? Did you also know that in addition to the per-message fee charged by an SMS aggregator, SMS providers must also pay an additional per-message fee for text messages sent to phone numbers on certain wireless carriers? These additional per-message fees are usually called “carrier pass-through fees” by SMS aggregators, as the SMS aggregators simply pass along these fees from the the wireless carriers to the SMS providers.

Toilet Text Messaging Infographic

Are You Guilty of Toilet Texting? [INFOGRAPHIC]

6th March 2012 - Posted by Derek Johnson in category Misc

Are you guilty of text messaging on the toilet? Did you know that 75% of Americans admit to using their smartphones while on the toilet? Are you guilty?

Text-to-Win Mophie iPhone Case

Text to Win 1 of 5 Mophie iPhone Battery Cases

9th January 2012 - Posted by Derek Johnson in category Misc

Want to instantly double the battery life of your iPhone 4/4S? Then look no further than the Mophie iPhone Battery Case. These cases are seriously slick — a must for anyone with an iPhone, especially if you travel as much as I do.

QR Code

Cool QR Code Placement

7th October 2011 - Posted by Derek Johnson in category Misc

Look what I found this week stuck to the sidewalk outside the local Chipotle. Pretty cool way to advertise the new Art of Flight movie with a QR code. Also, try scanning the QR code, check out the amazing mobile website.

Most Influential Twitter Accounts in SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing’s Most Influential Twitter Accounts

20th September 2011 - Posted by Derek Johnson in category Misc

Have you wondered who’s the most influential people in the SMS marketing industry? No need to wonder anymore, as we’ve put together a list of the most influential Twitter accounts in SMS marketing.

True blood custom qr code design

15 Killer Custom QR Code Designs

20th September 2011 - Posted by Derek Johnson in category Misc

Recently I’ve been seing QR codes pop up almost everywhere. Most QR codes are pretty boring, usually just black and white, not very pretty to look at. Some brands though aren’t content with boring, and have taken it upon themselves to create their own custom QR code designs.


Make Your Company Green

13th May 2010 - Posted by Sarah Magill in category Misc

I realize the green movement is basically a fashion statement now and it seems like everyone is telling you to “go green”. You probably recycle your papers, take the bus to work and have a few re-usable grocery bags, and that’s great. But being environmentally friendly is not a choice anymore, it is a responsibility and there is much more you can do to make your home and business eco friendly. GO PAPERLESS- By using Freshbooks.com, “The Leader in Online Billing and Bookkeeping”, you can save time and paper. They offer all kinds of helpful resources to help your business run …

Workplace Diversity

Workplace Diversity

13th May 2010 - Posted by Sarah Magill in category Misc

In response to a blog post asking what problems are faced by organizations, one individual answered, “Workplace diversity”. Similar to last blog’s topic of ethics, workplace diversity is a concept we are all advised to embrace, but we sometimes forget. By hiring a diverse team, you will be able to take advantage of a range of opinions which you can consider when debating important issues. This will result in balanced decisions all around. Your company will better understand the demographics of the customers you serve and you will be able to advantageously address employee satisfaction and retention issues. Peter Drucker, …

Handshake and teamwork

How to Build Professional Relationships

13th May 2010 - Posted by Sarah Magill in category Misc

In these technologically dependent times, social media is becoming people’s main form of communication. Although it is so convenient in our on-the-go, fast paced world, it is critically important to be comfortable communicating in person and through social media. And in this recession, a personal touch makes you and your firm even more engaging. When you hear, “networking”, you may think the best technique would be to hand out as many business cards as possible and shout out a monologue about how you can make their lives easier. Even better, focus more on getting to know people in order to …


Common Accounting Mistakes

13th May 2010 - Posted by Sarah Magill in category Misc

It’s not rocket science, but Accounting does have the potential for a plethora of mistakes that could really harm your company. If you forget a decimal or just record the depreciation amount incorrectly, it can cost any enterprise a bundle of time and money. Some companies have a private accountant on staff and others hire a public accountant during tax season and at the end of accounting periods. Whatever you choose, just know that obtaining accurate financial statements is priceless. For example, if the ending inventory was overstated in 2008 by $10,000, that value carries over to the next year. …

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