Workplace Diversity

Workplace Diversity

In response to a blog post asking what problems are faced by organizations, one individual answered, “Workplace diversity”. Similar to last blog’s topic of ethics, workplace diversity is a concept we are all advised to embrace, but we sometimes forget.

By hiring a diverse team, you will be able to take advantage of a …

Under the Hood: Bluetooth & Microsoft


Watch the Tatango team explore innovative Bluetooth technologies at Bluetooth SIG and Microsoft Auto in the Bellevue/Redmond, WA area. In the second of six total Ford Fiesta Movement missions to be accomplished, Derek and the crew learn about the rapid evolution of Bluetooth, and dive into new features of Microsoft Sync applications.

Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World

Social Media Marketing

I ran across an article in the Wall Street Journal this morning that I had to share. All the time I hear people talking about using social media to market their products and services, yet they don’t even know what that entails.

This is a great article that lays out the basic services and techniques …

iPhone Nano?


I ran across a post yesterday on TechRadar about a iPhone nano knockoff that surfaced in China (image below).

They had this to say about the knockoff,

“Apple’s long-awaited miniature version of the iPhone, combining the functionality of the 3G beast with an iPod Nano, has surfaced in China. As you can see …

CEO Casual?

wall street journal ceo casual

We were sent an interesting article that was written by Christina Binkley in the Wall Street Journal How to Pull Off ‘CEO Casual’ and we really liked what was said, especially as suits in the Tatango office are as rare as one of our engineers without a Red Bull in their hands. We picked out some of the …