Campus Ministry Group Texting Videos

I love when Tatango customers do something that makes my life easier. Thanks to Brian Sun from StaffHacker for doing just this last week. If you haven’t checked out StaffHacker, it’s a great resource for technology and productivity for campus ministry staff.

Last week, Brian put together three great videos, including how to create a Tatango account, an SMS keyword, and most importantly sending a text message. These are not only great resources for student ministry leaders, but anyone that is interested in using Tatango. You can watch all three of the videos, which I’ve embedded below.

You can read the blog post and all of his very detailed instructions right here.

In the blog post, Brian writes “Tatango is easier to use than any other mass texting software I’ve seen and tried”, which I think sums up exactly what we’re all about here at Tatango.


#1 How to Create an Account in Tatango


#2 Create a New Keyword in Tatango


#3 How to Send a Text Message in Tatango


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