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20% of Donations For Hurricane Sandy Relief Comes From Text Messages | SMS Marketing Blog

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20% of Donations For Hurricane Sandy Relief Comes From Text Messages

13th November 2012 - Posted by in category SMS Marketing Case Studies

Red Cross Text Donations

Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic Hurricane on record caused an estimated $50 billion in damges. Organizations and people have come together to bring relief to the victims affected by this disaster and have donated millions of dollars, 20% of which is being raised from Text Message Donations. 

Mobile giving from organizations like the American Red Cross have become the preferred method of giving for donors. The reason why people love text donations is because it is easy, accessible and quick. It takes under 30 seconds to donate from your mobile phone and does not require you putting in your credit card information. The donation is added to your mobile phone bill, it’s as easy as downloading a mobile app.

To donate $10 for Hurricane Sandy Relief text REDCROSS to 90999.

Text Donation


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